Lunch at the pub

We had a lovely time out today, it was literal perfection 🙂

We went to the pub for a meal with my ADiT pup. The weather was glorious so we sat out in the beer garden soaking up a few rays.

Fun times 😊

On the wheel home Bandit said hello to a lamb, which was cuteness overload.

Clip of Bandit greeting the lamb, ignoring some idiots’ off lead Greyhound in the beer garden, & alerting 💙

I fell asleep within an hour of getting home & my pain was atrocious. Waking up it was even worse, and in addition my shoulder was out…that’s twice within the last 2 days I’ve woken up with my shoulder out 🙃

Here’s my partner putting it back in. He’s gotten good at it, but still hates the feeling & ‘thud’ as it goes back in 😂

Here’s a photo I already have of when it’s out:

And back in!

This happened too, so something in my neck had also been out for quite some time 😅

But despite an astronomical amount of pain, I still lay in the pet room this evening, & watched as my partner set the new turtle pool up! If you don’t like snakes/lizards/turtles, don’t scroll further!


Sunny days

I’ve been having a rotten time recently, still trying to recover from the crash my occupational therapy appt triggered…but at least I’ve managed to get out in the sun, even if I can’t say it’s been exactly enjoyable 😅

Transgender Day of Visibility!

Yesterday was TDOV & we celebrated by going out for a few hours 🙂

We had such a lovely day!

I was already exhausted when we went out, so I’m REALLY paying for it today. But it was worth it.

We went to my now favourite place. It’s a totally accessible park, & although it’s only small, it’s beautiful!

I very rarely get to be in nature anymore, & ever since I was 10 years old I’d hike daily…so it’s something I really miss!!

Such a lovely time. Time spent outdoors with my partner is so special 🙂