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New hobby alert!

We have a new exciting hobby to try 😍

I’ve been searching for a hobby to replace sea glassing for a few years, but it’s hard when transport is an issue & you’re a wheelchair user.

I really loved the excitement of sea glassing, but obviously it’s completely inaccessible. We really wanted to find a similar hobby; the criteria = free, outdoors, involves nature & exploring!


Geocaching 😃

I’d never heard of geocaching before (apparently I live under a rock?), but it sounded prefect!! I had doubts there would be any in our immediate area (there’s never *anything* near us, from taxis to attractions to medical specialists 😂) but as we’re on a main train line, there’s actually half a dozen within a 30 minute walkwheel!!

They’re everywhere, & we’re not restricted to a beach, so I think this is gonna be such an awesome hobby 😃

We were really excited to try it out, & today was our first attempt…we had so much fun! Although we only found 1.

2 were impossible (1 the fence it was attached to was knocked down by a car about a year ago & has since disappeared, & the other was across a road that had entirely flooded due to exceptionally high tide 😂).

That was basically awesome though, as we got to enjoy the flood…it only happens once or twice a year. .


Then the 4th was REALLY difficult (about 1/3 of people said they couldn’t find it) so we didn’t have a chance in hell, we had no idea what we were looking for 😂

And the last one, the most recent comments said it’d been moved/wasn’t there & we couldn’t find it either!

Shame as it was a trade cache & we’d brought a little toy to put in it 😃

But we’re so excited to learn more about it & get better at spotting them!

I’m still blown away with how many there are near us – we couldn’t get taxis to us until a few years ago, takeaways don’t deliver…but within a 10 mile radius there are loads of caches?! 😂

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PEM crash

I’m experiencing such PEM rn 🙄

I had my iMSK appt last Tuesday, on Thursday we had a picnic in my electric wheelchair, then on Saturday we went to Lyle’s parent’s for a few hours…so now I’m in a mega crash.

My exhaustion is off the charts. In my most well moments I can barely watch tv or read. Neck pain is awful. Seizures are bad. But mostly it’s the crippling exhaustion.

The adventures were fun, the appt was awful, but the PEM/PENE is the worst!!

(Bandit is my assistance dog in training, & yes he is extremely adorable 😉)

But these last two days? This is my reality…

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Today we found a friend in need on a dog walk.

A hedgehog was being pestered by a cat, so we went over to check the little guy out. He’s very skinny & weak, with a URI, so we brought him home.

We treated him for parasites (hedgehog friendly treatment – we’ve had rescued African Pygmy’s in the past), offered him food & water, & he’ll spend the weekend with us until the place our vet surgery gave us the number for opens on Monday.

Poor guy was starving!

We gave him high quality wet dog food with additional water (for fluids as he seems very dehydrated). His staple will be cat food & bugs until he goes, but the wet dog food did a great job of getting food & fluids into him 😉