Lunch at the pub

We had a lovely time out today, it was literal perfection 🙂

We went to the pub for a meal with my ADiT pup. The weather was glorious so we sat out in the beer garden soaking up a few rays.

Fun times 😊

On the wheel home Bandit said hello to a lamb, which was cuteness overload.

Clip of Bandit greeting the lamb, ignoring some idiots’ off lead Greyhound in the beer garden, & alerting 💙

I fell asleep within an hour of getting home & my pain was atrocious. Waking up it was even worse, and in addition my shoulder was out…that’s twice within the last 2 days I’ve woken up with my shoulder out 🙃

Here’s my partner putting it back in. He’s gotten good at it, but still hates the feeling & ‘thud’ as it goes back in 😂

Here’s a photo I already have of when it’s out:

And back in!

This happened too, so something in my neck had also been out for quite some time 😅

But despite an astronomical amount of pain, I still lay in the pet room this evening, & watched as my partner set the new turtle pool up! If you don’t like snakes/lizards/turtles, don’t scroll further!


Sunny days

I’ve been having a rotten time recently, still trying to recover from the crash my occupational therapy appt triggered…but at least I’ve managed to get out in the sun, even if I can’t say it’s been exactly enjoyable 😅

A proper ‘hike’!

I GOT OUT ON A DECENT SIZED WALK!!! Yay! I’m manic atm so desperate to get out, but this crash is so bad I’m very limited.

But today we did it!

First time at the rectory ruins in bloody forever – & Bandit’s first time going 🙂

It was sooo much fun!

We tested my freewheel, as there are lots of potholey rocky bits, especially leading down to the rectory. Well, this was the first time at the rectory that I haven’t needed to stand/walk for parts 😃👏

Bandit had a blast 🙂 He alerted 7x total, to both my heart rate & seizures 💙

There were so many cars up on the pavements we were on the road most the time, which was a bit concerning 😂

When we got home my HR didn’t feel too bad; it was 160 which is low for me getting in the house. Good old binder; lowering heart rate but increasing every other nasty symptom 😂😌

I’ve rested & now eaten, so feeling exhausted and very symptomatic, but happy. Eating makes my heart rate & blood pressure go so screwy haha. These were taken a minute apart, just sitting in bed feeling terrible 😂

Freewheel trip!

Got out with me freewheel today.

It was haaaaard! Getting into my chair then into the house at the end was incredibly difficult 😌 My joints are super loose so I had several subluxing or threatening to on the walk, my crappy right wrist is agony now. The grey skies meant my light sensitivity was off the charts & I was having frequent seizures…damn 😂

But halfway on the walk we stopped for a reset, I hid under Lyle’s hoodie, then the sun came out & I was able to manage A LOT better after that 🙂

This is my first time on the beach since last summer 😍

My freewheel had NO issue with the terrain at all, even when going through squelchy mud 😃

Also, have some newborn Easter lambs 😉

The best day

I had *the* best time out today.

We were out slightly longer than planned as the weather was gorgeous & it made me feel so alive and happy! I appreciate beautiful days so much more now.

We stayed out about 50 minutes and I just relished in the sun, blue skies, & countryside views from the road. It was GLORIOUS.

Yes, I pushed my body far too far. I even did several short bursts of self propelling, & it made me soooo happy!

Wow, what a beautiful day!

I crashed on the way back. Bandit (who was exhausted) was having to alert a lot, bless him.

When we got home I struggled to get up the steps into the house, Lyle had to lift me. I couldn’t get my shoes off myself & needed undressing.

Now I’m cold, exhausted, & my whole body aches. 7/10 on the pain scale. Resting up.