Resources for ME

Places to learn about ME & direct #doctorsaredickheads to!

Hummingbirds Foundation for MEone of *the* best resources. I also bought the book “Caring for an ME Patient” which is amazing too.

If you need something to explain to family members/friends what ME is, or you need to force drs to take it seriously, this is THE thing you want to buy!

Paradigm Change – exercise intolerance, quotes from ME experts

Paradigm ChangeME & CFS exercise intolerance (peer-reviewed articles from medical journals)

How To Get OnPotential dangers of exercise & activity for people with ME (GET dangers, explanation of PENE/PEM)

ME-pedia Symptoms list

ME Associationwhat is ME?

Paradigm Change – An introduction to ME

Solve ME/CFS5 myths of ME

Stat NewsHow bad science misled CFS patients (PACE trial, GET)

Centres for disease & controlmyalgic encephalomyelitis (detailed list of symptoms)

Dally is disabledPENE/PEM

The national academies of sciences engineering medicine (diagnosis criteria)

ME-pedia (great resource with lots of info)

ME Action UK (info regarding symptoms, diagnosis)

ME Association – link to Workwell Foundation opposition to Graded Exercise Therapy (can be given to drs to decline GET; pic below also)