About me

Hi, I’m Dally!

I’m a disabled dude born in 1989, & have multiple mental & physical health issues…hello world!

My physical health issues include ME(/CFS), POTS, HSD (hypermobility) & seizures. I use a wheelchair as a way to limit my symptoms as much as possible, whilst experiencing as much of the world as I can.

I am an ambulatory wheelchair user, which means although I use a wheelchair, I can briefly stand and walk – it just leaves me very ill, & liable to black out or have a seizure 😅


I’m autistic, which means I often find the world difficult in ways that neurotypicals don’t.

I have several mental health diagnosis’ including bipolar disorder, psychosis, dissociative disorder, BPD, MDD & GAD. I am not under the care of the mental health team as the service has NEVER been helpful; I don’t trust the NHS at all, & medical appts trigger panic weeks in advance. They make me extremely unwell, & actually trigger bipolar mood episodes.

I’m pretty much a mess hahaha, but I’m doing the best I can. As of now (February 19) my ME sits at this level, with green indicating good days & red bad:

Because of my disabilities I can’t work. My partner is my full-time carer, and together we’re trying to enjoy this thing called ‘life’ despite our limitations as a disabled-person-carer duo.

My partner is amazing. Without him I would not be able to cope at all, he does so much for me.

I also have an assistance dog in training, Bandit! He alerts to my heart rate, blood pressure changes, & seizures.

My mid pup, Finley, was originally training to be my full-time AD. Unfortunately he doesn’t suit the job, & in addition when we brought him home we had no idea a wheelchair would be in my future…managing a dog his size with my health conditions & a wheelchair was impossible, so now he only works at home.

You can expect many triggers on this blog as I battle subluxing joints, seizures, mood swings, suicidal thoughts and syncope.

Welcome to my world 😉