A proper ‘hike’!

I GOT OUT ON A DECENT SIZED WALK!!! Yay! I’m manic atm so desperate to get out, but this crash is so bad I’m very limited.

But today we did it!

First time at the rectory ruins in bloody forever – & Bandit’s first time going 🙂

It was sooo much fun!

We tested my freewheel, as there are lots of potholey rocky bits, especially leading down to the rectory. Well, this was the first time at the rectory that I haven’t needed to stand/walk for parts 😃👏

Bandit had a blast 🙂 He alerted 7x total, to both my heart rate & seizures 💙

There were so many cars up on the pavements we were on the road most the time, which was a bit concerning 😂

When we got home my HR didn’t feel too bad; it was 160 which is low for me getting in the house. Good old binder; lowering heart rate but increasing every other nasty symptom 😂😌

I’ve rested & now eaten, so feeling exhausted and very symptomatic, but happy. Eating makes my heart rate & blood pressure go so screwy haha. These were taken a minute apart, just sitting in bed feeling terrible 😂


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